Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First Friend Visit to the Bay Area

One of my very best friends (she was even one of my bridesmaids!) is coming to visit!!

We've been the very best of friends since we were 16 years old working at good old Greatimes. We used to get ourselves into a little bit of trouble but for the most part it was all good clean fun. We stayed close through college and now beyond!

Can't wait for work to be over tomorrow (leaving early at 3:30) so I can catch the train and see my VBF!!

Cinco de Mayo 2012 (dancing)
My Wedding Day
Random college visit to Ball State
Bachelorette Party!
Freshman year homecoming

Friday, March 29, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Commuting hell

BART was pretty freakin crazy today...on top of the super crowded cars, someone farted.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Closet Space

Dreaming of having more than one closet...

Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Check-In

Working on: Getting organized and getting over the fact that in a few month google reader is shutting down and I have to figure out a way to save all the awesome info I've saved there.

Reading: James and the Giant Peach last week in one day. It was great. People on the BART were probably a little confused about why I was reading a children's book but I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Listening to: Feist - Metals album I don't know what it is about the album but I really like it. 

Watching: Saw Silver Linings Playbook this weekend and it was kind of depressing but had a "silverlining". Also saw Pitch Perfect....not LOL funny at all. It's Bring It On except with show choir. My expectations were too high. 

Loving: the potential of moving into a 1 or 2 bedroom apt for only a small monthly rate increase! 

Drinking: WATER!! Not enough lately. 

Eating: We shared a California burrito on Friday and OMG...imagine your favorite burrito now add french fries and tons of fresh avacado...hell yes.  

Excited: My VBF Erin is coming in like 2 weeks and we're going camping!!! 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Smile Friday

Dusty and I biked to the top of Twin Peaks last Saturday.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Let's start with an analogy...

Everyday when I get home from work Gus greets me at the door and is meowing and basically leads me to his food bowl. He'll watch to make sure I give him a scoop. As soon as I walk away he follows me because I haven't picked him up or loved on him yet. He's been alone all day and needs a little love before it's OK to eat.

I'm not sure how that ties in and in my mind it made sense but... ever since I got back from Christmas break in Indy I've been doing a really bad job of keeping up with my friends from home. It's starting to show. I feel off balance. I've been really off balance. I've been busy. I've been working to build a life out here but I have yet to fill the void of having those people around you that you can be 150% yourself around.

I need to fill up on love from my homies in Indy. I need that balance back in my life.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This morning, my plan was to wake up at 5:30am and run around the lake twice (6ish miles). Woke up at 5:30 and it was raining! gahhh!

So I packed my gym clothes and mapped out my work out: leave work at 5, head to the pool, change into running clothes run until 5:30, get into suit and swim. Well, I got the run and change into suit part done and then realized they've changed the pool schedule and lap swim isn't until 6:15.

I stood for like 3 min in my suit and thought, "ok, I can wait 30min but then my muscles will be cold and what will I do for those 30min!" So I decide to take this time, catch the 6:00pm shuttle and get to the vet before 8 to grab the cats food.

Google directions, bam, ready to go. Look up the hours and damn, they close at 7 ad if everything runs on time, transportation has me there at 7:08.

So now, it's 6:14 and I'm in the shuttle barely out of the Presidio. Still 40min from home.

This has been a post about my day.

Back up plan: getting to work at 7:30 tomorrow morning to get a long swim in. Wish me luck.

Friday, March 15, 2013

This Week

This week was a combo of: 

The End.

Happy Friday.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday AM

These are my boys. There are many like them but these are mine. Good morning to you. Our Saturday will be calm for another few hours. At 11 we are picking up friends from the airport and we'll see where the day/weekend takes us. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 Things Right Now

  • There is a man fixing the ceiling above out bathtub right now. It was super awkward because we had dinner while he was here and it's such a small apartment I felt bad but hey, it was dinner time. 
  • Guster hasn't shown his face since said man came because apparently ::Story Alert:: when the man came in (while we were still at work), Guster was in the bathroom sniffing around and knocked something over, scared himself to death and ran towards our window which has glass bottles with flowers in them, knocked all of those down, knocked the screen out, ran in the kitchen, and then started meowing very strangely at the man. This is my story based on the story the man told. 
  • I tried to work out twice today and finally succeeded on the third try. I also wanted to swim tonight but lost motivation when I saw the bathroom mess/heard the Guster story. Even though there's nothing I could do, I still wanted to be here. 
  • We have guests coming this weekend and on Wednesday Karin will get to come to NIA class with me, lucky! 
  • Ugh, last bullet -- Laundry. That's what's on the agenda for rest of this weeknights. Or if someone wants to pick it up and do it while I'm at work, I'm open to that too. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Check-in

Working on: My fitness. Running, swimming and biking all at the same time. Gotcha! But I am doing 2-a-days now. Swimming & biking, biking & running, whatever the combo - 2 days of 2-a-days.

Reading: Picked up The Screw Tape Letters by C.S. Lewis last weekend. Looking forward to reading it...some day... 

Listening to: My mind is singing California girls by Katy Perry. It's pretty terrible. I blame my brother (who's coming to visit in May!) for getting it in my mind when he asked if California girls wear daisy dukes and bikinis on top. 

Watching: Finished Homeland and now we're kind of lost. Not really sure what to do with ourselves. I started watching Girls but it's a "watch when your husband isn't around" show. 

Loving:  The sunshine and a little excited that starting tomorrow it's going to rain the rest of the week. 

Drinking: Tecate out of a brown paper bag, because we classy. (only once, it was dark, no one saw)

Eating: We're making it up this week. Didn't have time to meal plan on Saturday so we figured we have enough meat veggies, and stuff to make it until Friday at least. 

Excited: We're planning a ski trip with some of my works friends!! 

Sunday, March 3, 2013


I don't know what's going on with the atmosphere out here but everything is so dry and my allergies are outta control.

My nose is dry (when it's not snot central)

My mouth is dry.

My eyes are dry.

My hands are super dry.

My skin is dry.

Dry doesn't even look like a word anymore after I just typed it so many times.

Being dry is the worst.

Any by worst I mean, probably not that big of a deal compared to most people's problems...


Friday, March 1, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Community Garden

Dusty and I joined our Church's community garden, Funk Town Farm. I don't know where the name came from but I think it's funky and I like it.

We took a tour a few weekends ago and at the time it could really use some help. It was hard to remember that it's currently a winter garden but yet it was only jacket weather when we were there. There's TONS of Kale, lettuce's, mustard greens, and herbs.

We went this past Saturday for our first work day! There were probably 15-20 of us all together working in this garden. So much fun!

Dusty and I weeded 2 gardens. I accidentally pulled a baby carrot but apparently you just put them back in and they'll keep growing. Then we tackled our big project, the viney, overgrown corner. I WISH I would have taken pictures!

There's a raised bed in the corner and were weeds growing between all the rocks, weeds growing up the fence, sticks tangled in between - it needed some attention. That was our last project of the day. Take care of that mess.

Once that was over we helped a little with garage organizing but decided we were ready to carry on. The deal is, for every hour you work you get a pound of produce. It's not exact, you just take what you want but don't take it all kind of thing.

It was our first time and I was just happy with getting to help so I wasn't going to take anything. They forced Kale and turnips on us and I grabbed some mint.

The kale was gone in 15min or less once I baked the leaves and sprinkled a little nutritional yeast on it. The minty went into our quinoa, lemon, cucumber, tomato lunch mix. The turnip however, I'm not so sure about and we have 3. Someone suggested just roasting them with a few other root veggies and having them as a side dish.

I forgot to mention the chickens! There are 16 chickens and we get to eat their eggs!! Fresh chicken eggs - HOLLA!